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Learn how to use the Toolkit to provision and customize cloud resources, be it infrastructure or software, across a number of hosting environments.

TechZone Accelerator Toolkit Builder

The TechZone Accelerator Toolkit Builder is a user interface that provides a catalog of common reference architectures and wizards to combine and customize them for use in hybrid-cloud environments.

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The logic for generating automation templates in TechZone Accelerator Toolkit Builder is provided by IasCable. IasCable has been built to convert a listing of the required capabilities of an architecture (referred to as a Bill of Materials) and generate the necessary automation to bring the architecture to life. For most use cases, TechZone Automation Builder is the recommended way to work with the automation. However, IasCable provides a more advanced level of control over the definition of the architecture.

Learn IasCable - Learn how to define your own Bill of Material and use IasCable to generate the automation.